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News, April 2012  

Tony helmed Lucy as paddlers trained for the Pageant Paddle on Thursday 26th. April.

Mags, Judy, Lynn, Roz, Steph, Sue P-J, John, Aly, Nick, Muku and Tony bravely arrived for an evening paddle. In spite of a not very promising forecast we were lucky as the rain had stopped and the wind had dropped.
Tony took us through different levels of paddling as we skirted the northern part of Windermere. We paddled along in the lee of shore with a NE wind.
Four miles, 685 kcalories
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Mags makes further progress on the 'Lancaster' dragon head.

Mags says... "Just thought I'd plough on with our head as I was lucky enough to come across some of the paper rope in a charity shop in Lancaster yesterday! I've used the 'paper rope' as detail on the head (& eyebrows) and fixed it using a glue gun, and I used twisted pieces of the 'gummed paper' to make the lips. I've then used paper from the yellow pages (instead of tissue) to cover the detailing. Now I've one more coat of paint to add - and then when we are all at this stage we need a workshop to paint the heads - the fun part I think."
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A BBC crew came to film and interview Paddlers for Life preparing for the Pageant TV Programme

Paddlers for life, Windermere have been chosen as one of the special focus crews in the Jubilee Pageant television coverage.
A production team, Anya, Simon and Simon, visited today to film paddlers in their preparations for the Pageant.

This included filming Artemis Diana and her crew as Keni took them through some coaching to prepare for twelve miles on the Thames. Some paddlers were interviewed on camera about their experiences after a cancer diagnosis and the joys of dragon boat paddling.



Meanwhile Lucy was also busy on Windermere with another paddler crew. Several members, Elaine, Roz, Diet and John, took the opportunity to build their helming experience and retrieve a 'paddler' from the water.
More photos here.

Mags has been busy with the Lancaster Dragon Head which has taken over her home!
Yet another layer of paper on the dragon head and a preparatory couple of coats of emulsion paint and the dragon head is ready for its final phase of preparation when it will be painted in its resplendent livery.

Sunday 15th. A fantastic flotilla workout!

What a fabulous day of paddling.
Both Artemis and Lucy went on an extended journey across Windermere as paddlers trained for the Jubilee Pageant.
We took a similar route to wednesday's paddle but extended it further south to Thompson's Holme, an island near Bowness. This added a mile to the route so today's paddle was 7 miles (11km, 1686 kilocalories).

With Jane helming Artemis and Peter helming Lucy, paddlers generally managed to sustain around 4.2 knots over the distance with a few flows and ebbs in pace. Tiredness sometimes led to a slip in technique but Jane rallied us to paddle our best with a strong finish.

In the afternoon Peter took a group of paddlers out across Low Wood Bay to practice a few flotilla maneuvers (emergency turns) and a 'flowers on the water' moment of reflection.

Evening Paddle on Wednesday 11th. April

Paul helmed Artemis Diana and took us on a 6 mile tour of the northern Windermere.
We had a slightly choppy crossing to Wray Castle's Low Wray Bay. We were next heading south in much calmer water across High Wray Bay before heading onwards across Belle Grange bay and past Bass Rock. Then a little further towards Slape Scar before returning back along a similar route.
Mags, June, Lynn, Helen, Roz, Steph, Barbara, Eunice, Bill, John, Nick, Muku, Frances and Paul took the boat at a steady 4.4 knots paddling almost continually to cover the route.
Thanks to Mag's drumming the crew paddled in good time completing the journey in about an hour and a half.
Paul set us a bit of a challenge with sustained paddling over an hour and a half but it was just the right thing for us to prepare for the flotilla. Well done everyone and thanks for a good workout!

8th. April 2012. Another active day of paddling in preparation for the Pageant.

There were visitors from Perth, Australia, Worcester Busters as well as members' friends so Artemis Diana was easy to fill.
Peter helmed the boat through calmer waters in the morning but the wind picked up and the temperature dropped in the afternoon. Paddlers built their strength and stamina in sustained periods of paddling over 1000 metre distances at different rates and intensities with a couple of race set pieces to add to the variety.

Meanwhile a few supporters 'borrowed' a rowing boat as Lucy was away for some maintenance work.
A pleasant hour was passed 'circling' parts of Low Wood Bay with occasional pursuit of Artemis. With a couple of notable exceptions it would be recommended that members stick to paddling rather than rowing!

Networking at Maggie's Centre Edinburgh.
A successful networking conference was held at Maggie's Centre in Edinburgh on Saturday 31st March.

Representatives from cancer survivor dragon boat teams across the UK attended along with health professionals and representatives from other dragon boat organisations.

The conference provided an opportunity to meet fellow paddlers representing groups at various stages in their development allowing people to share ideas and expertise.

Delegates left the conference feeling uplifted and empowered.
Some members attended Port Edgar Dragons launch day to paddle the following day. Photos here.

1st April 2012. First day of our fifth season in the Chinese Year of the Dragon, in the Element of Water.

What a beautiful day to start our new season!
The views were fantastic and we spent a wonderful day on the lake with Artemis Diana!

We could not have asked for a better day to start our paddling season.
Windermere was nearly calm in the morning and twenty paddlers arrived promptly raring to go.
The sun was shining and the temperature quite fresh.
We soon had Artemis Diana off the trailer and on the water.
Two exhilarating sessions of paddling followed.
Tony and Roz helmed in the morning as we quickly got back into our paddling habits.
Muscle memory soon returned and Artemis was moving well.
In the afternoon the wind was fresher. Steph took to the drum with close concentration.
Tony took us through some 10 minute stamina building exercises and endurance interval Fartlek training.
Spring had come early to Windermere making for a wonderful day on the water.

Photos thanks to Barbara (report photos) and Aly (photostrip).

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