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News, February 2012  

Aly and Tony led Eunice, Hazel, Joyce, Helen, Jo, John, Sue and Nick on a lovely walk to Helm Crag
near Grasmere on Sunday 26th. February.

Our fearless members carried the spirit of
Paddlers for Life with them.
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Louisa and Sue joined fellow breast cancer survivor paddlers from other UK teams in a Thames trial run.
18th. February, 2012

Sue, Louisa, Peter, Rob and Paul travelled down to London at the weekend to participate in a test run for the Jubilee Flotilla.

They joined other dragon boat paddlers, some of whom were breast cancer survivors, paddling in mixed teams to see how the dragon boats fared on the Thames.

The Port of London Authority, who are responsible for safety on the Thames and who will be in charge of safety for the Jubilee Flotilla, need to be assured that the dragon boats and their crews can cope with the river conditions and the demands of a twelve mile paddle.

Imagine the anticipation and nervousness as crews assembled. They had never paddled together before and came from diverse paddling backgrounds. For many it would be the first time they had paddled on such a large river in unfamiliar surroundings.

Lets hope they successfully reassured officials and that Breast Cancer Survivor dragon boat paddlers will be able to participate in the flotilla.

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Five dragon boats rowed from Putney around to Johnson’s Drawdock on February 19th. in the afternoon as part of a rehearsal for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee flotilla. These pictures are of the Raging Dragons team.
Pictures courtesy of Greenwich.co.uk

Click to see videos of the Jubilee Pageant rehearsal on the Thames

A great weekend of paddling with Keni and the Three River Serpents, February 2012

On a cold February morning a Paddlers for Life crew eagerly assembled for the training session with Keni. Great coaching helped us all to develop and improve our paddling stroke through the morning session with Tony helming.
Struggling to accommodate a lovely lunch we returned to the Wear. Aly helmed as we practiced our race starts.
We finished with endurance work, a mile long sustained paddle back to the Durham Rowing Club boathouse from the Weir.
As we paddled upriver imagining we were on the Thames Keni pointed out the various London landmarks that will be on the flotilla route. In her usual encouraging way, she made us feel that the Diamond Jubilee challenge is possible!
Our target for the mile was 15 minutes but paddling against a steady current took us to 21 minutes.

Sunday paddling commenced to the peal of the cathedral bells. Both Serpee's boats were on the river, with composite crews. After a brisk warm-up we paddled five races, a test of our strength and stamina as we paddled flat out.
The final two races were very hard fought ...and finished just a whisker apart each time.
We'll all be aching for a week!!
A huge thanks to Keni and the Serpees for a brilliant week-end. Thanks to everyone who came and to Tony and Aly for helming.
Thanks to Keni for giving up her time, the Rowing Club for their hospitality, Jan & Rita for a very fine lunch and the Serpees for a chance to race.
The Paddlers were Aly, Tony, John, Sue P-J, Barbara, Nick, Janet, Mandi and Madeline

Paddlers for Life expect the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant to be a highlight of 2012.
We will share the experience with other breast cancer survivor crews.

All being well Paddlers for Life will be participating in the pageant. There are many logistical hurdles to leap as well as safety issues, the weather and paddler's fitness to complete this challenging paddle but we are optimistic.

Interested members who may participate met with Louisa to find out what we can look forward to.
Louisa outlined the complexity of the pageant and Paul ran through interesting facts about paddling on a large tidal river such as the Thames.
A few members are to meet in London in a couple of weeks to paddle with other paddlers so that the organisers can get a sense of how paddlers and their dragon boats will cope with a tidal river.

Click the link to find out more about the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant.


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