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News, March 2012  

Paddlers for Life Founder Member will carry the London 2012 Olympic Torch during the torch relay.

Sue Cogley, founder member and Trustee of Paddlers for Life, is pleased to announce that she has been selected by the Olympic Committee to be a torch bearer for the 2012 London Olympics Torch Relay.
Sue talks of her pride in representing Paddlers for Life.

She will be carrying the torch on the 22nd of June in Blackpool and will get to know the exact location around a month before the event.

Sue expresses her thanks to everyone who nominated her.

" I am very honoured to be representing Paddlers for Life".

"A special thanks to June who's kind words put my nomination through.

Dragon Head Update
Further work on the dragon heads increases demand for toilet tissue.

Work on the dragon heads continues apace in various locations across the north west. Construction teams are sharing ideas about materials and expertise and seem to be rather enjoying this messy process as their 'dragon mooses' take shape.

The redoubtable 'Izal' toilet tissue has been mentioned.
Maybe the building process is quite challenging!

Visit the forum and the gallery to find out more.
(You know you want to!)

Getting our Heads Around Making Dragon Heads
(whilst Artemis Diana Keeps a Watchful Eye)
Saturday March 10th

It was a memorable day at the brilliant Upfront Gallery and Skelton Village Hall.
John Parkinson inspired us to build not one, but four dragon heads.
It is utterably amazing what can be done with wire and tape.
Everyone there met this challenge with huge enthusiasm and creativity! AND...good news!...
if you were not there, you too could get stuck into it (so to speak).
There is much more to be done to complete our dragons.
If you wish to be involved, please contact anyone who was there. It's great fun!
Paddler's dragon head making workshop
Watch how the dragon heads were made. More photos here.

Roz led a workshop at Levens Village Institute on March 4th.

Members present came to some conclusions about how we might improve communications amongst members who are spread widely across the North West from Workington to Manchester.

There then followed a singing workshop led by Jo in which members began to learn songs ready for Paddlers for Life appearance in the Queen's Jubilee Flotilla.

Jo encourages members to write words for a melody we practised.
Here are female and male round versions of 'Belle Mama'.
Come on songwriters, show us your skills!

Belle mama, Belle mama aye-eh
Belle mama, Belle mama aye-eh
Belle mama
Belle mama
Belle mama
Belle mama
Belle mama, Belle mama aye-eh

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