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NEWS May 2012  

27th. May 2012. What a gorgeous, sunny day for paddlers as Keni came over from Three River Serpents to coach
us in preparation for our Queen's Flotilla paddle next weekend and the
Windermere Longest Lake Longest Race soon after.
In the morning two boats did a sustained 30 minute paddle round the north end of Windermere in gorgeous sunshine. The gusting wind and water ski boats allowed them to practice in choppy conditions ready for the Thames next week.
Take a look at the dragon head on our new boat!
dragon boat head almost submerged
Click the image for a closer look!

In the afternoon Keni prepared us for the Windermere race by refining our paddling technique with some constructive coaching and encouragement as Roz helmed.
In the middle of all this fun Shane, a local artist with links to Paddlers for Life, was taking photos and videos in preparation for an artwork he is creating. He really entered into the spirit of paddling by taking a turn on the drum.

Morning paddle, 3.5 miles, 816 kcalories
Afternoon paddle , 4 miles, 927 kcalories

The crew who will paddle in the Queen's Jubilee Pageant Flotilla on the 3rd. June 2012 are raring to go.

Hard training and preparation by all Paddlers for Life members has been undertaken
over the early months of 2012.
Tony and Paul have helmed paddlers who have trained in beautiful, additional evening sessions.
Peter and Jane have provided their usual high standard of helming and coaching in regular Sunday paddling along with valuable input from Keni and other trainee helms.
June, Helen, Mags and others have worked hard to ensure special team kit is ready and sparkling!
Barbara will do her usual wonderful work to make sure our dragon heads look their best
and June has arranged flowers for the day.
Rob has created spray decks to help the boats cope with the conditions on the Thames.
Bill, John and Jack have put in hours of hard work to ensure the boats are maintained,
cleaned, waxed and looking their best.
The trustees and patrons have toiled behind the scenes ensuring Paddlers for Life meet the stringent criteria and requirements needed to be allowed to paddle in this prestigious event and arranging the logistics of getting crew, supporters and dragon boats down to the event in London.
All members both survivors and supporters have pitched in to make sure Paddlers for Life is prepared for this special event.
The crew who will paddle are excitedly looking forward to this event which has been great publicity for Paddlers for Life.
The crew are proud to be representing all members of Paddlers for Life who make the group such fun to be part of and we are truly thankful for everyone's support.

Paddlers for Life new dragon boat had its first outing. Monday 21st. May 2012

Paddlers for Life members and fellow paddlers from the local NHS participated in an Olympic Torch rehearsal on a beautiful warm and calm May evening.

Two full crews with helms and drummers paddled four miles from Low Wood Bay to
We met with the steamship 'Tern' which will carry the Olympic Torch from Wateredge to Bowness on the 21st. June as part of the Olympic Torch relay.
With our new boat leading on one side and Lucy at Low Wood on the other side we paddled 500m closely accompanying 'Tern' to the pier.
It will make a splendid site for the onlookers in June.

Another good training session of 8.43 miles.

Can you guess what made paddlers so happy on Sunday 20th. September?
This is the reason why!
Paddlers for Life have taken delivery of their new boat. Sylvia Emmott, South Lakeland District Councillor, raised funds for the group when she was chair of the council. Through fund raising dinners she raised enough money to buy the boat and equipment which will allow breast cancer survivors to build their fitness and deal with the side effects of treatment. We are so pleased with the outcome of her generous efforts.

Paddlers for Life featured on the BBC's 'The One Show' broadcast 18th. May 2012.
It was about our member and trustee Sue who will be Olympic torch bearer and June who nominated her.
Visit the forum to see what they said.

Sunday 20th. May 2012 Pageant Training Paddle.

Both boats had paddling crews and took a prolonged training run around the north end of Windermere, a four mile training session.

Evening paddle Thursday, 17th. May

Another glorious evening on Windermere which was almost flat calm. June, Mags, Roz, Lynn, Aly, Eunice, Sandra, Nick, Louisa and Tony all enjoyed the peaceful setting as we paddled southwards from Low Wood doing 5.61 miles at an average 4.2 knots peaking to 5.7 knots.

Evening paddle Tuesday, 15th. May
Windermere was beautiful this evening. Roz, Lynn, Aly, Jack, Ann, Nick, Zoe and Tony all probably passed rain, grey clouds, sun and even rainbows on their way but we had a glorious hour of paddling round the north end of Windermere doing 4 miles with not a drop of rain and calm water. Thanks everyone.

Midweek Paddle welcomes a 'One Show' BBC film crew. May 10th., 2012

The weather varied between continuous rain and continuous heavy rain!!
Low Wood Bay had over two inches, 53mm, of rain in the day.
Nevertheless Paddlers for Life put out both dragon boats helmed by Paul and Tony.

A BBC film crew were filming for an item on 'The One Show ' about our Olympic Torch bearer Sue and June who's nomination of Sue carried her through the selection process.
Paddlers for Life have the Olympic 'Inspire' Mark.
In spite of the weather many paddlers turned out to put both boats on the water. We were filmed going through our paces, launching the boats, warming up, paddling and putting the boats away.

6th. May 2012. In the Year of the Dragon, Element water, Paddlers for Life 'Dotted the Eyes of their dragons.

John and Elaine Parkinson from Upfront Gallery, Unthank, near Penrith 'dotted the eyes' of Artemis Diana today. John ran the dragon workshop for us and Elaine did the catering. John, as a cancer survivor, dotted the eyes of Artemis Diana.

Barbara, our trustee and treasurer lent a hand.

Julie Dawson, partner of Brendan Jameson, who died recently 'dotted the eyes' of Lucy at Low Wood. Brendan was a leading light of the South Lakeland District Council ensuring that the Olympic Torch would travel through South Lakeland. As a result of his inspiration, we are involved in the Olympic Torch Relay.

More photos here.

A number of dragons visited today to witness the 'Dotting of the Eyes'. 6th. May 2012

The Dragon heads made at the workshop earlier in the year are making excellent progress.
Two of them are now in the process of being painted and all of them look wonderful.
They will help create brilliant publicity for paddlers for Life.
More photos here.

Evening training 2nd. May, 2012

Paddlers enjoyed a lovely training session as they skirted around the northern end of Windermere. They then headed southwards down the western shore before crossing and returning via Brockhole visitor centre jetty and back to Low Wood Bay. Paul helmed and the paddlers took a moment to practice their salute ready for the pageant.

They paddled almost seven miles.

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