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In our sixth season,
August and September news, 2013

Australian Rugby Team visit for team paddling session. 30th. September, 2013

Aly and Tony lead a wonderful afternoon of paddling as an Australian under-19 rugby team visited Paddlers for Life, Windermere for a team building session during their tour of the UK. Helped by drummers Mags and Alison providing additional instruction and a dozen members both Lucy and Phyllis were taken out onto a calm Windermere. After an hour of basic training in paddling techniques and race starts the two mixed teams did a couple of short races to challenge the newly skilled teams.

What a beautiful September Sunday and an opportunity to paddle in this exquisite location.

Helen helmed us on a blustery trip up to Waterhead in the morning with some tricky maouvering at Holme Crag rock where the SSW wind caught Artemis Phyllis as she tried to slip into the northern reaches of Windermere.
The crew were revitalised by refreshments at the Wateredge Inn.
In the afternoon we had a strong paddling session up to Ambleside YHA and then all the way south almost to Brockhole in friendlier winds. Quite a challenge for our novice paddlers Susan and Franco as we did some sustained paddling interspersed with brief power surges.

ITV Pride of Britain, Local Hero.

Sue, Pride of Britain, Local Hero
Sue has been nominated for this award acknowledging her personal cancer journey and her contribution to Breast Cancer Survivor
Dragon Boat paddling in the UK.
She was filmed as she set off with some fellow paddlers from Blackpool Airport on her way to the Dublin Regatta.
The footage was broadcast on Granada Reports on the 25th. September 2013.
You can watch the broadcast footage at this link.

Sunday paddling, 22nd. September, 2013

Paddlers for Life did the Windermere equivalent of 'the Grand Tour' today as Aly and Helen helmed Artemis Phyllis and Lucy at Low Wood along the eastern shore from Low Wood Bay southwards past Brockhole and White Cross Bay towards Bowness with a steady paddle against the wind to return.
In the afternoon Chris helmed a full Artemis Phyllis northwards along the eastern shoreline past Wateredge and over to the west past Brathay Rocks and round to Low Wray Bay before crossing back to Low Wood Bay on a beautiful sunny day and calm to freshening conditions.

A large contingent of Paddlers for Life, Windermere visited the IDBA Dublin Dragon Boat Regatta
hosted by the Plurabelle Paddlers. September 14th. and 15th., 2013

Paddlers for Life had two teams in the Combined Class and the International section, a team of breast cancer survivors and a team of supporters augmented by some visiting paddlers.
Over two days the two teams raced in three heats, semi-finals and finals over 200 meters for the combined class and 400 metres for the International Challenge.
Saturday was a calm day with beautiful sunshine in the gorgeous Grand Canal Dock setting whereas Sunday brought strong headwinds and squally showers.
Both teams did well with below one minute times for the 200 m event and creditable times for 400m given the challenging conditions.
There was fun and great camaraderie for teams ranging from novice to experienced.
Thanks to Purabelle Paddlers for organising and hosting this hugely enjoyable event.

More photos here, here and also here in the 2013 gallery.
High Quality here.
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Paddlers for Life race over 400 metres at the IDBA Dublin Dragon Boat Regatta, September 2013 from Paddlers forLife on Vimeo.

High Quality here.
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Paolo Bergomi filmed this short clip.

It was a hard day's work paddling dragon boats at Ambleside YHAday! 8th. September, 2013

On the terrace at Ambleside YMCA

Paddlers for Life, Windermere took both of their newly cleaned, oiled and waxed
dragon boats, (by Bill), to put them through their paces at Ambleside YHA's open day.
As you can see from the above photo it was challenging work!
The wind was quite strong at times so the two races between the boats in the afternoon provided an interesting
experience for helms Roz and Jane. The lure of a prize of two bottles of 'bubbly' courtesy of the YHA provided a stong motivation to the crews. Not surprisingly the boat with the most paddlers won both races but they were happy to share the proceeds with their fellow paddlers.
Helen and Roz guided the boats back to Low Wood where everything was packed away into the new storage garage painted and prepared with storage racks by Rob and Harry.

Bubbly celebration at the new garage.

Keni stayed and coached again for the last of the August Evening Paddling sessions. 27th. August, 2013

These evening paddling sessions have had beautiful conditions that really show off the beauty of where we paddle. Keni built on the coaching from sunday and practised the crew through routines to pull back the power and then rebuild to allow the crew to vary their strategy in longer 400m races. I expect the crew had to work hard for their supper!

Keni coached two full crews on a beautiful Windermere day. 25th. August, 2013

We all had a wonderful day developing our paddling technique in the morning and then working on our race strategies in the afternoon. Windermere was beautiful, sunny and calm.
Keni shared her knowledge and experience to bring out he best in us and made paddling as much fun as ever although we had to work for our achievements.

The third August evening paddle continues the trend of beautiful paddling conditions and location.

Roz helmed an almost full 'Lucy' tooking us through a sustained set of exercises to improve paddling technique and then a series of race start practices. Finally the crew completed race set pieces over 60, 70, 80+ strokes practising bringing in and removing the power.
What a great workout and Windermere was a gorgeous place to be with fellow paddlers.

Helm training weekend 17th. and 18th. August, 2013

Four visitors supervise the 'warm down' after coming up from 'Worcester Busters' to train for helming.
After a theoretical session on saturday the practical session was cancelled due to high winds and strong gusts.
On sunday paddlers took the boats across Windermere to the western side near Bee Holme to find sheltered water.
The helms took turns practising important skills and manouvers with Peter and Diet instructing.
After lunch another training session allowed the novice helms to complete their training successfully.
Now they will complete a log book as they consolidate their skills back on the River Severn with their team.

Another beautiful evening paddle. 13th. August, 2013

A full crew for Artemis Phyllis practised race starts and a couple of short races helmed by Helen.

What a beautiful evening for our first August midweek paddle. 6th. August 2013

There was a brilliant turn out for the first evening paddle with 22 crew in Artemis Phyllis on a beautiful, calm August evening. We had gorgeous Windermere views almost to ourselves.
Jane helmed paddlers through a range of stamina building and technique improving exercises.

Saturday 3rd. August, The Lake District Boat Club had their annual Best Dressed Boat Parade
in Bowness Bay and Paddlers for Life, Windermere were there in all their glory.

The chosen theme was a newly arrived baby, George, along with the Dragon (boat).
Paddlers spent a blustery afternoon decorating Artemis Phyllis and themselves ready to paddle down to Bowness Bay ready for the 6-00 pm best dressed boat parade.

Gallery of photos.
With everything prepared our intrepid paddlers ventured to the western shores of Windermere seeking calmer waters.
They paddled valiantly for 45 minutes against a presistent headwind braving the challenging
waves from the wake-boarders and their boats.
Finally two laps of Bowness Bay showed them off in their finery to the assembled crowds accompanied by a dozen other dressed boats.

Now with the wind behind them they paddled back to Low Wood Bay in a racing 30 minutes quickly taking 'Phyllis' out of the water before hurrying back to the Club House in Bowness to hear the results of the competition.
Paddlers for Life, Windermere show off the charity shiled from the Lake District Boat Club boat parade best dressed boat event, 2013
Of course, yes, yet again, Paddlers for Life have won the shield for the best team entry.
Well done all paddlers who dressed the boat, themselves and then paddled to the event with Peter helming and Sandra drumming.

More photos here.

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