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Now in our sixth season, the latest news 2013.
Gingerbread Paddler for Life
Barbara's circle dance group was set a challenge of making a gingerbread figure for their Christmas Dancing Evening.  Here's Barbara's 'Gingerbread Paddler for Life', on her own and then in the circle dance ring.  These were all very silly, but £115.00 was raised from the sale of them (at £3.00 each), with the proceeds shared between our local Hospice at Home and the Carlisle Homeless Support Group.  "And yes...she was very quickly snapped up, believe it or not!" says Barbara.
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Paddlers for Life, Windermere at the Staveley Winter Festival, Friday December 6th 2013

One of the Paddlers for Life, Windermere dragons was seen enjoying the delights of the Staveley Winter Festival on Friday December 6th, 2013. As you can see the dragon looks resplendent with its 'minder'.
The dragons were made by members at workshops at the Upfront Gallery near Penrith last year.
Many thanks to those members who publicised us so well.

Paddlers for Life, Windermere held their AGM today Saturday 16th. November, 2013
Thank you to Rowena and Barbara for all that they have done in their Trustee roles.
Rowena has come to the end of her three year tenure as Trustee, this year as Chair, and steps aside from her Trustee duties but remains in her 'communications' role ensuring we all are able to be kept fully informed.
Barbara has also come to the end of her three year Trustee period and steps aside from her Treasurer role. She will continue with her other role as 'dragon dresser' par excellence and the many other things she does to contribute to Paddlers for Life, Windermere.
The members recognised their brilliant contribution to Paddlers for Life, Windermere with flowers, cards and a most sincere and enthusiastic 'Thanks'.

Your Trustees for 2013 to 2014
Several members were proposed for Trustee and various roles. All graciously accepted their nominations and were unanimously elected.
Steph, chair
Steph has moved to the role of Trustee and Chair and Lynn remains as Trustee relinquishing her 'Events' role so that she concentrate on other Trustee duties.
SarahJudy, Treasurer
Sarah becomes Trustee and Secretary and
Judy is Trustee and Treasurer.
SandraAlix, SecretaryJane has agreed to be a Trustee with additional responsibility for coordinating Events and Sandra and Alix also become Trustees.

Paddlers for Life 'Paddle It Pink' October 27th. 2013
Paddlers for Life, Windermere were keen to raise awareness of breast cancer survivor dragon boat paddling during breast cancer awareness month.
Trustees and members put in a huge amount of work preparing for a 'race' day in which Paddlers for Life members from Windermere and Manchester along with friends, family members and supporters as well as supporters from Low Wood Hotel and Watersports Centre would participate in racing dragon boats at Low Wood Bay.
Unfortunately the weather was against us and the paddling had to be cancelled due to high winds making conditions very choppy and challenging for helms paddling with many novice paddlers in the boats.
However Paddlers for Life members are not easily diverted from their goal to publicise what they do and had a backup plan to enjoy singing and quizzes whilst enjoying 'Paddle it Pink' afternoon tea with cakes and drinks generously hosted at Low Wood Hotel.

Here they are suitably 'in the pink'.

More photos here or see the gallery.

Many 'thank yous' were earned and given.
The trustees planned and organised the event lead by Steph.
Peter and Jane were ready to helm the races along with Chris and other helms.
Roz had organised a race schedule.
Barbara organised the wonderful decorating of the dragon heads, boats and venue.
Mags and June arranged for the flowers.
And all of these tasks were supported by many other members.
It was the usual wonderful Paddlers for Life team effort.
What a wonderful way to end our super sixth season.

We started our special day with a 'Flowers on the water' ceremony casting pink carnations onto Windermere
while we reflected on family members and friends who can no longer share these great life moments with us.

An end of season coaching session with Keni. 13th. October, 2013

Keni came over from the Three River Serpents to coach a session prior to the Sarasota meeting.
A good turnout of paddlers ensured both Artemis Phyllis and Lucy at Low Wood were nearly full.

Jane and Chris helmed in challenging, squally conditions while the crews refreshed their skills to improve the power and efficiency of their paddling strokes under Keni's guidance. As she imparted her experience and expertise, paddlers worked on the body position and movement, the verticality of the paddles and the stroke elements. A new exercise about bringing the paddle forward quickly and efficiently provoked some interesting results! We worked on the push down in the 'catch' and ways to get the extra centimetres at the front of the stroke where it counts. The crews finished with a 200m race.

As usual Keni made the session challenging but fun to participate in.
We are lucky to enjoy her coaching contribution to our team.

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