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Now in our seventh season, April and May news 2014

Paddlers for Life put two boats out.
May 25th. 2014

Despite a forecast of heavy showers Paddlers for Life enjoyed two busy training sessions today without rain and in calmer conditions than of recently.

Helen and Chris took two crews around the northern reaches of Windermere with Mags and Barbara reminding crews of all the paddling tips they learned from Keni in the coaching sessions last week ending with a race challenge won by Artemis Phyllis. John helmed in the afternoon reinforcing the paddling technique whilst reminding everyone of the upcoming Solstice Race of 10.5 miles!

We were always under the watchful eye of our support boat.

Steve, Simon and Lynn accompanied us.

Our first 2014 Coaching Session.
May 18th. 2014

Great weather for our first coaching session this year.
Keni came over from Durham and delivered her usual high quality coaching to two full boats of mixed supporters and survivor paddlers ranging from newer to highly experienced. The helpful sessions reminded us all about the detail of stroke technique and gave the Srasota bound paddlers the opportunity to start thinking about 'race starts' and paddling pace.

John, Jane and Peter helmed in sometimes choppy conditions which all added to the excitement and fun of this excellent day of training.

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A busy day for Paddlers for Life, Windermere,
training a university student team. 4th. May, 2014

We hosted a group of local university students who wanted to train for a dragon boat event.

A morning training session of mixed crews ended with a close run race. The afternoon saw a student team and a team of regular paddlers practice before another close run longer race.
More photos in the gallery.
They came second, North West Confucius Institute Dragon Boat Competition, at Preston Dock
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Paddlers for Life, Windermere have been nominated for a Community Award with Engage, Mutual Assurance.
If we receive the highest number of votes we could receive funds to purchase a new boat and equipment as well as cover other costs such as boat storage and visits to events
Please consider visiting here to cast your vote in our favour and possibly post a supportive comment at the bottom of the page.

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Paddlers for Life, Windermere Easter paddle saw two boats on the water.
20th. April, 2014

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Helen and John were helms refreshing their skills under Peter's guidance.
The crews, which included experienced and first time paddlers had to work hard at times against squally winds from the east.
Afternoon paddling was cancelled as the wind gusts increased making Windermere conditions challenging.
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Paddlers for Life, Windermere enjoyed their first paddle of the seventh season.
April 13th. 2014


Paddlers 'gently' got back into their paddling on a blustery, choppy Windermere.
The helms refreshed their skills taking the dragon boats and teams through various manouvres, steering, turns, figures of eight and emergency stops.
Two boats of paddlers including prospective new members provided the engine power.

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