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Now in our seventh season, Pre season news 2014

Paddlers from Windermere and Manchester visit Worcester Busters.
April 5th. and 6th. 2014

Worcester session
More photos.

Most of the paddlers for this weekend of paddling are attending an IBCPC event,
the International Participatory Festival in Sarasota, in Florida in October 2014.
This was an opportunity for breast cancer survivors to paddle together with members
from Paddlers for Life teams in Windermere and Manchester joining paddlers from
Worcester Busters
who hosted the weekend in Worcester on the River Severn.

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Circle Dance Evening at Shap Memorial Hall, March 2014

dragon dance preparation

Barbara says...
"What a night!  The dragon dancing was sensational!  The circle dancing wonderful!"

We we raised £660.00 which is brilliant.
"Thanks to all paddlers who helped out and provided fantastic food and raffle prizes. 
I just couldn't have got it all ready without you."

BlueJam Folk provided beautiful music for the Interval which was much appreciated. 
Most of all, we are very fortunate for the enthusiastic and generous support from the
circle dancing community, who have so much in common with our ethos and ensured
that the evening was a huge success.

dragon dance

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A workshop updating Matt's Ph.D. work with Paddlers for Life, WIndermere

A group of members met with Matt for a workshop following the fitness session on Sunday 9th. March.
Matt workshop

In 2011 Matt completed work for his Ph.D. in which he explored how the location in
which we paddle interacts with our paddling activities and how our feelings, thoughts
and wellbeing are influenced by the landscape and surroundings.

Matt updated paddlers about his research including some who had taken part and others who were new to the research.
Matt explained the qualitative nature of his project acknowledging that his presence in the group had an effect on the research itself.  Matt had broken down the overview of his thesis into five main categories and some were discussed at length. For individuals who had not been part of Matt's research the concepts of the impact of geography on the experiences of Paddlers for Life, and the rhythms of breast cancer dragon boating were explored.

The research focused on the importance of the aesthetics of the landscape, and also how 'being within and acting within the landscape' effected us. The relation between people and 'place' and how we form relationships with 'place', was fundamental to Matt's work.

During Matt's research some members of PFL were involved in writing workshops and produced a series of postcards which featured member photos and haiku poems. We were also inspired to get involved in recording our memories in scrapbooks - beginning with our participation in the Celebration of Life in Peterborough, Canada in 2010 and more recently a scrapbook for the Jubilee Flotilla.

We all enjoyed Matt's discussions and of course we had lots of catching up to do (and cake to eat!). We ended by Matt agreeing to send us a copy of his thesis for our comments and then discussing how we move forward after his research.

As a thank you, he was presented with a Paddlers for Life Latte Mug emblazoned with our logo and filled with Jelly Babies.

Group with Matt

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New guidance on Exercise and Lymphoedema.

New National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) draft guidance has been issued giving advice to breast cancer patients.

The draft recommendations say that doctors and nurses should discuss with people who have, or who are at risk of, breast cancer-related lymphoedema that:

It is hoped this guidance will lead to people being given accurate information about lymphoedema and how they can improve their quality of life through exercise. Links to an explanation are here at NHS choices, reported by the BBC
and advice from Breast Cancer Care.

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Water Safety Session, Kendal Leisure Centre,
Saturday 1 February 2014

water safety circle

A select group of paddlers gathered to refresh their water safety skills.  Anne Gair very bravely took centre stage in the survival circle which demonstrates the warmest place to be whilst awaiting rescue. The 'crocodile' paddling was brilliantly co-ordinated and worked effectively.  Paddlers practised getting under and back out of an upturned canoe, pulling a team-mate into the canoe and tipping themselves out of the canoe.  It was a very successful evening. 

Thanks to Megan for leading the session, to Alix and Sarah for bringing their canoe and to everyone who came out in the wild, wet and windy weather.
water safety1 water safety 2

canoe 1canoe 2

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Silverdale Coffee Morning Fund Raiser, 25th. January,2014

Silverdale Coffee Morning
Thank you Mags yet again for your wonderful effort organising this annual fundraiser.
As always we had generous support from the Silverdale Community with people from Silverdale helping Paddlers for Life members by taking charge of stalls and helping with refreshments and providing the excellent Hall facilities. Of course the community came
out in force to support us enjoying the games, stalls and refreshments

The outcome of all this hard work and wonderful support was a fabulous fund raising total
of £1,086. This is the amount left to support the charitable work of Paddlers for Life, Windermere after expenses incurred in putting on the coffee morning have been taken out.

A huge 'Thank You!' to everyone from Silverdale who supported us and all the Paddlers for Life, Windermere members who worked hard to make this event the success it was.

Click here for clips from Pageant Video in Private Members Area
(Requires login and password circulated by email)

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