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Many paddlers celebrated Paddlers for Life participation in the International Dragon Boat Festival at the 'Hey Peterborough...' get together.

Among the many shared photographs and memories of the event was a scrapbook of photos and mementoes compiled by Fran.
Click the scrapbook cover to see the contents.

Canada IDBF. Farewell

Final pictures from Elaine and Harry

All deserted and cleaned up but still bits of pink feathers left. The pink railings still left where we got onto the deck for the boats.  The last pink capstan. Goodbye until next time.

International Dragon Boat Festival 2010, Peterborough, Ontario

Paddlers for Life have had a great couple of days paddling at the International Dragon Boat Festival races in Peterborough, Ontario and did us proud.
They thank everyone at home for the support they have had in getting them to this point.
They say we are all with them in the boat when they race.

Well done Paddlers for Life!!
Race results are here.

Press cuttings here.

The picture says it all...

How Amazing is this event? The atmosphere is electric. If you stand still for too long, some new friend will swap the shirt off your back, and we now have a fine collection of team paraphernalia from around the world. Our race times today felt slower, but we came in singing and with big smiles. As Keni put it, "If you don't win in the race - win at the party!". We're definitely leaving a reputation behind as the team who sings and dances; when Lynn lead our musical warm-up, we had folk dancing right down the street!
Right now we're sitting on the grass waiting for the closing ceremony, and the sun is smiling on us at last. We are so privileged to be here and be part of this fantastic community; and it really does feel as though we're winners!


Paddlers for Life team at the Peterborough, Ontario, International Dragon Boat Festival. 2010.

Lots to see and do besides paddling. Flowers on the water ceremony. Remembering friends.

Paddlers for Life "flying the flag" boldly at a great event.

© The Peterborough Examiner

Paddlers for Life take part in the Peterborough IDBF parade.

12 06 2010

Photos from the first race day.

They are looking happy. I hope that also means fast times.

A selection of photographs from racing practices. © The Peterborough Examiner


I'm not sure about these! Maybe we should have a caption competition.

"Paddlers for Life new team paddling gear receives a mixed response from members!"
"One member of the team has her legs shortened in order to manage the back seat of the dragon boat."
"Team members participate in a dry capsize drill."
"Paddlers for Life members 'go native' after only a week in Canada"

Friday 11th. June: Photos from the opening ceremony parade, Peterborough International Dragon Boat Festival 2010.

Canada IDBF race day.

The Race Schedule shows that, on Saturday 12th. June, the Paddlers for Life team will be racing at 9-15 (1-15 p.m. UK time) and 2-45 (6-45 p.m. UK time).

9-15 race: Abreast Or Knot (Canada), Paddlers for Life (England), Spirit Warriors (Canada), West Island Dragons (Canada), Dragons Abreast Sydney (Australia)
Came second in heat, time 2 minutes 42 seconds.

2-45 race : More Survivors Abreast (Canada), Breast Friends Juggernauts (Canada), Tickled Pink (Australia), Hope Afloat Philadelphia (USA), Paddlers for Life (England)
Came second in heat, time 2 minutes 40 seconds.

They have had their fastest practice time in the race practices and are well placed to achieve great things personally and as a team.
We are with them in spirit and sending positive thoughts. Do your best Paddlers for Life and have great races.

Paddlers for life have a write up in The Peterborough Examiner. Click the image to see what it says.

Or see pictures here.

Thursday 10th. June.

"The girls lounging in Lakefield trying to get Wi-Fi! Absent friends always in our thoughts. We recorded our fastest time ever in our practice paddling yesterday."

Wednesday 9th. June, 2010

Here's Paddling Bear at Little Lake practice session. It's very cold and wet but he got sunburnt yesterday.

Paddling Bear, and a gathered entourage, just about to board the plane at Manchester Airport on Saturday.
Lots of happy faces anticipating the excitement to come.

Paddling Bear is just about ready to be off to Canada. Most things are ready, the suitcase is found. Watch my adventures over the next couple of weeks.

Over a couple of weeks in June 2010 Paddlers for Life members shared their experiences of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada where the 2010 International Dragon Boat Festival took place.

An enthusiastic contingent travelled by ship, road, rail and air (and probably bike, car and maybe Dragon Boat) to attend this Dragon Boat Paddling Festival for breast cancer survivors.
Many supporters were also there.

They met and raced with teams of survivors from across the world.
As you can see our team was just about as prepared as they could be after another exciting day of coaching. These waves are on the calm part of the lake. Look at the streamers on the Dragon's Head, nearly horizontal. Either it is very windy or this crew are paddling very fast!

Excitement and enthusiasm filled the air today. The coach gave excellent tips and stirred their spirits to do the best we know they can do.

Our hearts are with you Paddlers for Life team. Have an enjoyable and exciting time. We know you are already winners.


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