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Paddlers for Life UK 2015 Regatta

Paddlers for Life UK Hosted the 2015 Dragon Bay regatta at Low Wood watersports centre with the help of Low Wood Hotel and Rosemere Cancer Foundation. 

Second Dragon Bay Regatta 2015

An event by Paddlers for Life UK and Low Wood Hotel aided by volunteers from
Paddlers for Life Windermere and Rosemere Cancer Foundation.

Sunday dawned to reveal none of the wind and rain of saturday with a calm Windermere and mild conditions ready for the regatta. Sixteen teams made up of cancer survivors from Lancashire, Cumbria, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dundee as well as teams from Glaxo Smith Klein along with local health professionals prepared to race dragonboats on Windermere following a safety brief from Peter, a dragon boat helm and a mass 'warm up' lead by Jo. Then, with the help of Paddlers for Life Windermere and volunteers and helpers from the Rosemere Cancer Foundation, Low Wood Watersports Centre and Low Wood Hotels the Low Wood watersports centre the regatta began. After each team had races in two heats there was a minor final of three teams and a major final for the three fastest teams from the heats.

A day of fun at the second Dragon Bay regatta.

Sixteen teams from local  health professionals, businesses and cancer charities participated in an enjoyable and exciting day of dragon boat racing.