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Paddlers for Life, Windermere paddle at Low Wood Bay about a mile and a half south of Ambleside in Cumbria.
We keep our two dragon boats at Low Wood Watersports Centre who give us generous support.
Approaching Ambleside from the south on the A591 look out for the large, white Low Wood Hotel on the right.
Low Wood Watersports Centre is opposite. (Postcode for SatNav LA23 1LP)

Explore where we paddle in Low Wood Bay, Windermere.

This is where Paddlers for Life Windermere paddle. (Map) What better location could there be?
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This beautiful calm day near Low Wood Hotel shows our gorgeous paddling location.

Find Artemis Phyllis on Windermere

A misty Windermere

Wear It Pink Day October 2012

Low Wood Watersports Centre

A new boat, Artemis Phyllis.

See us at Low Wood Watersports Centre Webcam.
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