Kendal Torchlight procession.

Paddlers for Life were brilliant, lively and glittery at the Kendal Torchlight Event on friday.
Lots of hard work by many members and supporters culminated in a wonderful  float featuring Artemis Diana with a colourful and enthusiastic crew.

Paddlers for Life won best charity float in Kendal Torchlight Carnival last Friday.

Thanks to Suzanne and Muku working together on ideas and Paul arranging the transport and logistics of Dragon Boat moving as well as music, generators and lighting. Artemis Diana really looked the part on the float. A few people spent Friday readying the float which was frantically finished on arrival at the procession start by the usual team effort. The colours and lighting were wonderful. More paddlers and their families arrived to help. With paddlers dancing and ‘paddling’ on the float and more following the float giving out information leaflets. Paddlers for Life received an enthusiastic response and excited smiles and cheers.

Artemis Diana really looked the part on the float.

Artemis Diana really looked the part on the float.

Thank you to the road haulage firm, Gibsons of Kendal based at Mintsfeet Road South, Kendal, who kindly loaned the use of their wagon and driver for the float. They also generously loaned a generator.
Their services helped make a special night for Paddlers for Life.

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