Water confidence and safety session

Around twenty paddlers entered the pool for our annual pre-season water confidence and safety session at Kendal Leisure Centre pool. More paddlers participated from the pool side practicing using paddles to help someone out of the water from a jetty fall into shallow water or throw line and rope techniques to aid ... More

Nominate us to receive a £1000 donation.

Follow this link to nominate Paddlers for Life Windermere to receive a £1000 donation through Movement for Good. More

Latterbarrow Walk

This was our final off season get together up to Latterbarrow view point overlooking the western shore of Windermere. Here we could see our paddling home at Low Wood Bay across the lake from our starting point at Wray Castle. We will soon start the seventeenth paddling season for ... More

Winter walk to Easedale Tarn

The weather was kind to us as we walked up to Easedale Tarn from Grasmere. We enjoyed warm, dry weather with good company and splendid views. There was some excitement as we circled the tarn trying to find the driest crossing of the ghylls and becks that feed the tarn but we managed to get everyone across ... More

Silverdale Coffee Morning fundraiser 2024

This was our thirteenth coffee morning at Silverdale's Gaskell Memorial Hall. This is a very important fund raiser for our breast cancer dragon boat team. Funds raised help us to provide our dragon boating and other activities in support of people with a cancer diagnosis. ... More

2023 Pink Paddle and flower ceremony.

Many paddlers gathered for our final paddle of the sixteenth season to promote October's breast cancer awareness. We also held a flower ceremony remembering those who no longer paddle with us and 'closed the eyes' of our 'dragons' for the winter. Both dragon boats, our V6 outrigger canoe and the support boat were ... More

Event 4 Harry’s Heroes Solstice paddle.

In the past Paddlers for Life Windermere participated in a solstice paddle, for human powered craft, the the 10.5 mile length of Windermere. More recently we have arranged a weekend event to paddle to the southern end of Windermere and back with an overnight stay at the YMCA. This year we used this solstice ... More

2023 ‘dotting the eyes’ ceremony.

Paddlers gathered for this traditional ceremony where the eyes of the dragon boat heads are painted with a dot of paint to represent the eyes opening. This is considered to awaken the spirit of the dragons and gain their protection. We like to invite members and supporters of our team to perform this task acknowledging ... More

Sixteenth season begins.

Paddlers for Life Windermere finally got to paddle our dragon boats as our sixteenth season of paddling on Windermere begins. We had prepared the boats and pontoon and trained new members but high water levels and low water temperatures delayed the beginning of our sixteenth paddling season. Our first paddle ... More

Paddlers for Life Windermere CIO workshop.

Some paddlers assembled at Ambleside Parish Centre to relaunch the charity under its new Charitable Incorporated Organisation registration. Workshop participants. It was an opportunity to look at the history and origins of our dragon boat team. Louisa started with the theme of the 'dragon' and what it means in ... More