Paddlers for Life Windermere Book Chapters

Introduction (Beginnings)
1. Rat 2008 “Awakening the Dragon2. Ox 2009 “Down and Ready
3. Tiger 2010 “All Hands on Deck4. Rabbit 2011 “Cake5. Dragon 2012 “Power and Rhythm6. Snake 2013 “not sure of sub title here?
7. Horse 2014 “Place8. Goat/sheep 2015 “Remembrance”9. Monkey 2016 “Brace the Boat”10. Rooster 2017 “10th Anniversary Season”
11. Dog 2018 “???” “Paddles Up!”12. Pig 2019 “Inside Out” or  “In the News”13. Rat (again) 2020 “Lockdown”14. Concluding chapter “Looking Forward”
Ox 2021Tiger 2022Rabbit 2023Dragon 2024
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