An end of season coaching session with Keni.

An end of season coaching session with Keni.

A final coaching session from Keni of the Three River Serpents team.Keni came over from the Three River Serpents to coach a session prior to the Sarasota meeting.
A good turnout of paddlers ensured both Artemis Phyllis and Lucy at Low Wood were nearly full.

Jane and Chris helmed in challenging, squally conditions while the crews refreshed their skills to improve the power and efficiency of their paddling strokes under Keni’s guidance. As she imparted her experience and expertise, paddlers worked on the body position and movement, the verticality of the paddles and the stroke elements. A new exercise about bringing the paddle forward quickly and efficiently provoked some interesting results! We worked on the push down in the ‘catch’ and ways to get the extra centimetres at the front of the stroke where it counts. The crews finished with a 200m race.

As usual Keni made the session challenging but fun to participate in.
We are lucky to enjoy her coaching contribution to our team.

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