Paddle in Pink 2021

Paddle in Pink Inspiration

In October for breast cancer awareness month we try to end our season with a ‘Pink Paddle’.

This is to raise awareness of our  activities in the local community and to promote breast cancer awareness.

In the past we have had ‘friendly’ races with a team from English Lakes Hotels staff, visited Wateredge at the northern end of Windermere, had ‘Pink Teas’ and occasionally been defeated by wind and rain to escape indoors and put our dragons to sleep. The pandemic measures defeated us last year.

For newer members seeking inspiration, look at the photos below as you decide on what to wear for our Pink Paddle 2021 weather permitting.

This will be our last paddle of 2021. The season seems to have gone so quickly but we have been lucky to paddle so many times thanks to the hard work of our trustees and those volunteers who kept us safe and also our helms who worked hard to ensure plenty of paddling sessions. Huge ‘Thanks’ to all these members and also to all the other fellow paddlers who made the season such fun as we returned to paddling.

Our pink paddle was cancelled due to bad weather but we held a flower ceremony.
Who is leading in the 'Pink Paddle' race between Paddlers for Life and Low Wood Hotel staff.2011
The weather may have stopped our Paddle in Pink but the celebrations continue in 2013.
The race winners were Low Wood staff by a dragon nose in 2011.
Sometimes a Pink Paddle just can't happen. Look at these white wave tops in 2017.
Resplendent in pink 2011
Ready for the Pink Paddle 2016.
Preparing the dragon boat for a pink paddle 2012.
Preparing the dragon boat for a pink paddle 2012.
Preparing for the first breast cancer awareness paddle event 2011.
Pink team 2012.
Pink team 2012.
Pink Paddle warm up 2016.
Pink Paddle indoor picnic 2017.
Pink Paddle 2016.
Pink Paddle crews at Wateredge in 2016.
Pink Paddle 2015.
Pink Paddle support crew 2015.
Pink Paddle support crew 2015.
Pink Paddle 2015.
Pink Paddle 2015.
Paddle in Pink Team 2016.
Paddle in Pink Tea 2016.
Paddle in Pink panorama.
Paddle in pink pair 2012.
Paddle in pink is ready to go in 2011.
Paddle in pink finishes with a race against a crew of Low Wood staff in 2011.
Paddle in pink dragon 2012.
Paddle in pink birthday song 2012.
Paddle in pink salute breast cancer awareness in 2012.
Paddle in pink 2011.
Low Wood staff win the race but everyone is a winner in 2011.
Happy to promote breast cancer awareness.
Finising with a pink celbration in 2012.
Ready to launch the boat for breast cancer awarenes 2012
A successful first Paddle in Pink 2011.
The first Paddle in Pink for breast cancer awareness in 2011.
Everyone wears pink as we tour northern Windermere in 2011.


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