Season 2022 sort out!

Paddler volunteers gathered for some end of season tasks. The garage needed a tidy-up, the pontoon needed dismantling and cleaning and the V6 outrigger prepared for the winter off season.

The weather forecast was promising…

… but recent rainfall created a problem. The high lake level had flooded the beach that gave access to the pontoon. An intrepid paddler donned some waders, which just happened to be in our equipment, and got out to the pontoon. Who knew we had waders?

It was hard to see how the pontoon was tethered with multiple ropes hidden under the water. A bit of puzzle solving was needed to work out the final rope that anchored the pontoon.

Then more paddlers helped to paddle the pontoon over to the slipway where it could be dismantled.

Then followed scrubbing, jet washing and stacking of the pontoon elements in the already tidied garage.

After a well-earned lunch we finished the day removing the Ama from the V6, cleaning and inverting it for the winter months.

A successful day with everyone committed to the tasks in hand.

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    June Baker
    November 13, 2022 (6:14 pm)

    Well done everyone and a big Thank You to the fabulous crew. We could not paddle week in week out without all the amazing supporters we have supporting our amazing Trustees. What a fantastic feat you had closing our season so safely and timely also not forgetting Chris donning the waders too.
    So so sorry I have not been around this season. but will be back from the PFL coffee morning so a big big Thank You to all our buddies both on and off the water we would not be the charity we are without “The all hands on deck approach.“

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