Sheffield Weston Park Hospital Regatta.

Sheffield Weston Park Hospital Regatta.

What a wonderful day for a team of Paddlers for life paddlers to gather along with 15 other teams for this regatta! Sheffield Weston Park Hospital Regatta. June 2011.
It is a great venue with good visibility of what was happening.
There were some strong teams of young, fit paddlers as well as some all male teams.
Heat 1 race. Our excitement at competing lead to a ragged start and a fast pace over a 150m sprint course caused us to lose timing.
Disappointment with our performance was evident among the crew and a time of over 56 seconds confirmed this.
Position at end of heat 1 races, eighth.

Heat 2 race. Tactic slower pace of start. Three long, strong pulls at a slower pace.
Timing was better and the team worked hard so we came in with a time of over 53 seconds, a three second improvement.
Position at end of heat 2 races, eighth.

Heat 3 race.
Same start and a bit of ‘coaching’ from the helm.
We needed sub 50 seconds to be in with any chance of getting in the semis!
A better start and good pace with consistent timing raised our spirits. It felt a good race with everything going right.
We finished well ahead of the other two boats ..,
But our time… over 56 seconds again.
So no semi -final race.
Our final position, eighth.
What consistency.
Still paddlers had a great day. Thanks Helen for organising our team and making a great day of paddling.

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