What is this sharing our jetty?

Is this a new dragon boat for Paddlers for Life?
Today we shared the jetty with part of the construction for the new Brockhole pier.

New construction part for Brockhole Pier










With David and Tony to helm it was lovely to have two nearly full dragon boats on the water.
Again we had the boats in the water promptly in calm weather.
The two boats ventured up to the northern end of Windermere and practised a few race starts and then raced before going through training pyramids and other paddling technique exercises.

For the afternoon session we were down to one boat and the wind had picked up.
Some stamina was needed paddling north against the wind and there were some interesting moments as waves and wake coincided.
An exciting moment as we shipped a little water as we returned to the jetty.
Thanks to all for another good day of paddling.

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