Sian Lewis’s Abseil Fundraising. A presentation to say ‘Thank You!’

Sian Lewis’s Abseil Fundraising.

Paddlers for Life acknowledged Sian Lewis’s fantastic fund raising efforts at Trinity School in Carlisle at a celebration assembly.
In June 2012 Sian, and many fellow students, friends and a few intrepid paddlers, abseiled 140 feet down Carlisle Civic Centre
This was made possible through Sian’s initiative and organisation and the wonderful efforts of her colleagues
both in doing the abseil and chasing up the sponsorship and contributions.

Barbara arranged the presentation.Judy and Barbara arranged the presentation.

The heads, tails, drums and other dragon boating equipment were displayed for the Year 11 and Year 12 groups. Sian, now in Year 12, arranged the fund raiser in June 2012. It was well supported by many of her fellow students and friends.

Today’s presentation was Paddlers for Life’s big ‘Thank You!’

A fantastic £2518-77p. was raised.Barbara eloquently explained what Paddlers for Life is all about and the students were shown the video which encapsulates our wonderful activities and purpose. Judy, Janet and Nick provided backup.

Sian presented a cheque to Paddlers for Life for the brilliant total £2518-77p.

This is a truly amazing figure showing the fantastic efforts of Sian and her friends.

Proud students enjoy their success in fund raising.Ever thoughtful, Barbara presented Sian with a bunch of flowers to express our gratitude for this stupendous result, as well as ‘Thank You’ certificates for the abseilers and chocolates for the students to share.

Trinity School are rightfully proud of this magnificent effort by their students.

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