Paddlers for Life, Windermere held their AGM today.

Thank you to Rowena and Barbara for all that they have done in their Trustee roles.


Rowena has come to the end of her three year tenure as Trustee, this year as Chair, and steps aside from her Trustee duties but remains in her ‘communications’ role ensuring we all are able to be kept fully informed.

Barbara has also come to the end of her three year Trustee period and steps aside from her Treasurer role. She will continue with her other role as ‘dragon dresser’ par excellence and the many other things she does to contribute to Paddlers for Life, Windermere.


The members recognised their brilliant contribution to Paddlers for Life, Windermere with flowers, cards and a most sincere and enthusiastic ‘Thanks’.

Your Trustees for 2013 to 2014


Several members were proposed for Trustee and various roles. All graciously accepted their nominations and were unanimously elected.

Steph has moved to the role of Trustee and Chair and Lynn remains as Trustee relinquishing her ‘Events’ role so that she concentrate on other Trustee duties.



Sarah becomes Trustee and Secretary and Judy is Trustee and Treasurer.



Jane has agreed to be a Trustee with additional responsibility for coordinating Events and Sandra and Alix also become Trustees.

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