A perfect Windermere Day

A perfect Windermere Day

On a day like this day we paddlers are reminded how lucky we are to paddle in this beautiful location. Out on the water in a dragon boat full of like-minded people and the sun shining on gorgeous fells in crystal clear air and reflected in the calm water. Unexpectedly the Red Arrows fly past heading north over our heads and leaving trails above us as we paddle on Windermere. Later, in the afternoon, the remaining two airworthy Lancaster Bombers fly in from the north over our heads before turning over Brockhole.
What a wonderful day!

A Lancaster Bomber flies over Windermere as paddlers watch from their dragon boat.

We attached a couple of video cameras to our dragon boat to help us train and improve our paddling technique.
This video clip shows what a great time we had!

A 200m dragon boat race practice. from Paddlers forLife on Vimeo.

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