All Hands on Deck

Again Roz lead on this day.

Members gathered at Low Wood to get everything ready for paddling next week.

Roz trained everyone on how to prepare the boats for the water dressing them with the head, drum tail and steering oar and all the safety equipment.

Roz trains members in readying and dressing the boats for paddling.

In a race to dress the boats newer members showed themselves to be just as capable as more experienced paddlers.

The floating pontoon was re-assembled by Peter, Chris and Tom and paddled round to its beach location.

The boats were cleaned and spruced up for the new season.

Buoyancy aids were checked and the garage cleaned and tidied.

The support boat crew had first aid training and checked the support boat.

There was paddler briefing training and paddling training for new members.

The ‘buddy’ system was rehearsed…..

and the boats stored ready for their first paddle.

Lifting the dragon boats onto their trestles for storage.

What a day’s work!  As usual many thanks for Roz’s lead on this important day.

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