June 16th. 2019 Paddle

While some paddlers were down in Liverpool paddling with other breast cancer paddlers at Pool of Life’s Dragons and Flowers regatta there were still other members paddling on Windermere.

June writes…

We were in John’s capable hands as helm and 8 of us spread out in Artemis Phyllis to get the balance right.

The crew paddled down the lake past Brockholes and as you can see it was a quiet day on the Lake and that
was to our advantage only a few washes came our way and most of the time it was like a millpond with a few
spits and spots of rain.

John took us through our stroke technique reminding us oldies which is always a good refresher and as a
prompt for the newbies and to always try to maintain a strong core throughout .
Our paddle was at a relaxing pace ,giving time to appreciate the lovely scenery and it too reminded us all
of how lucky we are to paddle in such an area of outstanding natural beauty…….with a great crew.
Thanks John for helming and many thanks to the select crew of Sue, Barbara, Maureen and not forgetting the
newly weds Liz and Lynnsey and their wedding guests Martha and Abi for a lovely paddle we hoped you all
enjoyed the experience and look forward to you visiting us again when you are in the Lakes.


Congratulations to Liz in the left our new (supporter) who and Lynnsey on the right (Survivor) who celebrated their love for each other and married on Friday.

So ‘Congratulations’ go out to them from all their new paddling buddies.

Thank you to also their friends Martha and Abi who joined us to paddle for the very first time too we had a great gentle paddle.

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