A quilt from Frances.

An Amazing Quilt.

There was a lovely surprise package waiting for us at the regatta…

It contained a quilt, a 2010 memory book and a letter from Frances.

Frances was a regular paddler in the first few seasons of Paddlers for Life and very much involved in all our activities.

The quilt is beautiful and clearly represents a lot of work and love on Frances’ part.  It has a border with these words.

Power is in things that dwell in the dark, for there is might in tooth and claw.
But greater strength is there in many united.
The dragon with twenty hearts.
Yet only one heartbeat.
A beast with forty arms yet only one desire
then we challenge the majesty of wind and weather, truly knowing what it is to be strong.


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    June Baker
    July 12, 2019 (9:56 am)

    Frances will always be remembered as a great paddler from our early days, along with her lovely young daughter Annie, and as a paddler in our team attending our very first Celebration of Life in Canada. We all got to know each other better and close friendships were formed.
    My first flower International Flower ceremony was with Mags and Frances arms around each other holding on and never leaving.
    Frances the quilt is so beautiful and is a real testament to our “Early Paddling Years” together so I thank you once again for your creativity, for the love and happy memories that has been sown into the quilt with such great care and passion.
    Frances is a great writer and poet too and was part of our Postcard workshop with Matt Grace, Nick, Mags, Louisa, Sandra ,Janet (which would be a lovely winter project to do once more).
    Frances your poetry is strong, meaningful and written with love for us all and special words to carry with us when paddling. Love to you Frances and remember me to little Annie as she was then ………
    Love June xx

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