July regular paddling session.

A chance to try different roles in the dragon boat.

We had a lovely morning paddle with experienced John at the helm. Sara, a newbie paddler this year, had a
training session as helm and Julie had her first time on the drum which was great.






Well done Sara and Julie and thank you both, you did an amazing job especially in those conditions.

Lovely to have “our Eunice “ back in the boat after 4 months and also to say goodbye to Barbara another
of our amazing supporters who is off to Canada to see family. Bon Voyage Barbara we will miss you for the
rest of the summer.

The weather was fine, cloudy with a breeze and waves that kept catching us out and at times we were taking
on a bit of water… the front of the boat got very wet but hey, it is a watersport!.
The water temp was 20 degrees so no one got cold it was a great paddle and a challenge for new paddlers
paddling through the waves and wash, demonstrating deep brace, paddling long and strong and digging deep and
having to continue paddling for longer through the waves ….which makes us all stronger paddlers.


We all sat down to have lunch together which as always is lovely and it was great to see everyone’s talk
and excitement of Dublin, and also of the next IBCPC Celebration of Life Festival to be hosted across the
pond in beautiful New Zealand in 2020.

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    Sara Last
    July 22, 2019 (5:22 pm)

    Loved it…..thanks for putting your faith in me!! Just glad I didn’t capsize you all!

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