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What has really excited you during your membership of Paddlers for Life Windermere?

Paddling with the team brings with it so many amazing moments and experiences.

If you have some time during these pandemic restrictions why not go through some of your photo memories and upload one to the website.

Better still add a comment or commentary to accompany the photo.

Nick (web admin) will be happy to add it to a post to appear on the website. With your consent, some of your memories and thoughts could be used in the History of Paddlers for Life Book which is being developed.

If you don’t have a photo just add a comment and Nick will try to find a photo in the archive to illustrate it.

We are looking forward to seeing your photos. Use this form and file upload below.


    Nick remembers travelling up to Port Edgar at South Queensferry near Edinburgh. A breast cancer dragon boat team was being established and many paddlers traveled up to the location under the Forth Bridge. There were many prospective paddlers eager to get their first experience of paddling and they were not disappointed. Paddlers for Life members had this wonderful opportunity to paddle in this inspiring location as the new Forth Road Bridge crossing was being constructed. Interesting to paddle in a tidal estuary and experience the vagaries of tide and wind in salt water! The welcome from the new team was heartwarming. More Here

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