Help get our outrigger canoe on Windermere.

Please support our Hawaiian challenge.

Our target is £2500. £1000 for paddles, buoyancy aids and other safety equipment for six paddlers. £500 to repair our large trailer. £500 to drive to London, collect OC6 and return with escort support. Finally £500 for maintenance, cleaning and our charity livery and information on the boat to sit alongside our beautiful dragon boats.

See below for how to support us. Remember, follow Covid-19 pandemic measures and exercise safely.

Members, friends, family and supporters can contribute any human powered miles they do in their daily exercise/leisure/movement to complete the total journey distance such as:-.

  • Pet walking and family walks. (If you walk in a  pandemic ‘bubble’ you can multiply your miles!)
  • Daily exercise walks/jogs/runs/swims and paddles.
  • Daily steps converted to distance. (2000 steps equals approximately 1 mile.)
  • Indoor exercise on bike/rowing machine/treadmill etc. (Assume 15 minutes of moderate exercise is 5 miles.)
  • Fell walking. (Observe lock down regulations.)
  • Canoeing, kayaking or cycling.
  • Static exercise such as chair based exercise, yoga and Pilates. (15 minutes is equivalent to 3 miles.)

We recognise that people have different capacity to exercise and leave the house so any miles people feel able to contribute are very welcome, as we know they reflect comparable effort and commitment.

Email your  mileages to  or send them to our Facebook page.

Spread the word, the challenge goes live on 1st. February, 2021.

4 Replies to "Help get our outrigger canoe on Windermere."

  • comment-avatar
    Peter Cogley
    January 26, 2021 (7:35 pm)

    What a great idea Nick. I know that Sue would be delighted with it and I’m sure the target will be reached easily.

    • comment-avatar
      Nick Harrison
      January 26, 2021 (7:57 pm)

      There is a lot of love out there for Sue, for you and all the family and also for the team. I think we’ll get lots of support.
      It will be great to see the outrigger canoe on Windermere when life approaches normality.

  • comment-avatar
    January 26, 2021 (8:32 pm)

    Fantastic way to raise awareness of PFL using Dragon Boat paddling for effective exercise following Breast Cancer and other Cancer diagnosis let’s all look to the future with hope and excitement in paddling together again ,learning new skills and new fitness in our OC6 in remembrance of our Dear Sue she would be so proud .
    I know that we will achieve this challenge in 6 weeks as a Team and in doing the miles virtually ,but together all socially distanced due to Covid -19 we will in our 14th year ……….live out our motto Paddling,thriving,surviving after Cancer.

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    January 31, 2021 (6:48 pm)

    […] Our challenge goes live on the 1st. February, 2021. We are trying to raise £2500 to get our new outrigger canoe to Windermere and on the water with equipment, safety gear and livery. See here… and here. […]

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