It is good to be paddling again.

Paddling on Sunday June 13th.

Our covid-19 safe paddling procedures are working well.

Two groups were able to paddle.

June writes…
“We had a great day yesterday with two crews. Crew 1 at 10 am with Chris at the helm had a good paddle up to Ambleside around the island and through the trees past the campsites. It was a beautiful paddle especially as we had Louisa on the drum. It was fantastic to see and hear the drum as it always feels like the heartbeat of our
dragon boats awakening, Artemis Phyllis, and helping with our timing. The water was 17 degrees so felt wonderful on our hands and blades.
Thank you to everyone for making it such a special day of paddling.”










“The second crew at 12 O’Clock with John at the helm. They had a great paddle with Louisa on the drum helping newbies with stroke technique. It is always good practice to revisit the breakdown and elements of paddling for both newbies and experienced paddlers.
The lake was not busy despite the Great North Swim being on. The crew looked like the almost owned the lake.”


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