Our paddling routine has become more familiar.

Our 2021 season.

It has been good to get back into a more regular paddling routine in the 2021 season thanks to careful planning from our trustees, helms who have committed to more sessions with a Thursday paddle and two or three Sunday sessions. Many members have pitched in to ensure sessions are as safe as can be taking on special responsibilities around safety, particularly covid 19 safety.

We have been able to welcome many new paddlers and all members have pitched in to learn new skills and help with dressing the boats ready for paddling or returning the boats to the garage and cleaning and putting them away ready for the next paddling session.

The weather has generally been good to us and yesterday was no exception. In the afternoon, on a calm lake with not much other water activity on the eastern side, we had a lovely paddling session.

With a new paddler on board, Jane took us through various activities to improve timing, paddling technique and strength and stamina.

We also did a helm overboard exercise with a team member directing the dragon boat to recover the helm.

Jane also taught the team to do a turn in a longer distance slalom race which required some paddlers (front and/or rear two left or right to do a stroke which was part paddle part draw. All good fun for the paddlers involved.

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