Platinum Jubilee 2022

Another paddling adventure.

In 2012 two of our founder members Sue and Louisa had the vision for Paddlers for Life to participate in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pageant on the Thames in London.

Ten years later Louisa encouraged us all to remember this by paddling our dragon boats on Windermere as part of the ‘Light the Lakes’ celebration.

This paddle had its own logistical and risk issues as we were to paddle through the dusk into darkness to show off our decorated and illuminated dragon boats as beacons were lit across the Lake District celebrating the Platinum Jubilee.

With help from a small group of paddler members a Jacob Join picnic was organised to be followed by an evening paddle into the night. Low Wood Hotel kindly allowed us to picnic on one of the beach sites and Low Wood Water Sports staff provided safety boat support alongside our own rib with Stephen and Simon on board. Helms Roz and John provided additional safety guidance for the risk assessment as this was an atypical paddle in the darkness.

Paddlers arrived to dress the boats and set up the picnic.

Then it was time to socialise with a picnic.

We are ready for another jubilee paddle as dusk draws on.

Our plan was to tour the northern waters of Windermere showing off our decorated dragon boats with their lights twinkling amid the red, white and blue. As we paddled northwards, we occasionally saluted the ferries as they passed, and then the rain came in.

Our plan was to cross Windermere from near Low Wray to stop in the middle of Windermere to see the beacons lit at 10.00 pm. As we passed Wateredge heading for Low Wray the sky lit up with flashes of lightning not forecast. As visibility dropped due to failing light, low cloud and steady rain the decision was made to head back to Low Wood returning along the shore line as open water is no place to be in a thunderstorm.

Although the paddle did not quite work out as planned, members in the two dragon boats and support teams had an experience never to be forgotten and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to be part of this event.

Huge thanks to everyone who planned the event and looked out for our safety. Another wonderful memory for Paddlers for Life Windermere members and a marvelous team effort we have become accustomed to.

Our platinum jubilee paddle begins…
and ended!

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