Evening paddle Pageant preparation.

Paul helmed Artemis Diana and took us on a 6 mile tour of the northern Windermere.
We had a slightly choppy crossing to Wray Castle’s Low Wray Bay. We were next heading south in much calmer water across High Wray Bay before heading onwards across Belle Grange bay and past Bass Rock. Then a little further towards Slape Scar before returning back along a similar route.
Mags, June, Lynn, Helen, Roz, Steph, Barbara, Eunice, Bill, John, Nick, Muku, Frances and Paul took the boat at a steady 4.4 knots paddling almost continually to cover the route.
Thanks to Mag’s drumming the crew paddled in good time completing the journey in about an hour and a half.
Paul set us a bit of a challenge with sustained paddling over an hour and a half but it was just the right thing for us to prepare for the flotilla. Well done everyone and thanks for a good workout!Evening pageant practice.

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