A fantastic flotilla workout!

A fantastic flotilla workout!

What a fabulous day of paddling.
Both Artemis and Lucy went on an extended journey across Windermere as paddlers trained for the Jubilee Pageant.
We took a similar route to wednesday’s paddle but extended it further south to Thompson’s Holme, an island near Bowness. This added a mile to the route so today’s paddle was 7 miles (11km, 1686 kilocalories).Fantastic Jubilee Flotilla workout.

With Jane helming Artemis and Peter helming Lucy, paddlers generally managed to sustain around 4.2 knots over the distance with a few flows and ebbs in pace. Tiredness sometimes led to a slip in technique but Jane rallied us to paddle our best with a strong finish.

In the afternoon Peter took a group of paddlers out across Low Wood Bay to practice a few flotilla maneuvers (emergency turns) and a ‘flowers on the water’ moment of reflection.

Map of route.

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