Paddlers for Life Windermere AGM, 2019.

Paddlers for Life held their AGM at Ambleside YHA.

The meeting received proposals for the Memorial Fund before election of new trustees and then general business of the charity.

Proposals for using the memorial fund.

  • Louisa : Two full day workshops to pause and support reflection on the founding benefits (personal, social and physical benefits of, recreational, participatory dragon boat paddling following an experience of breast cancer), recalling and celebrating why and how Paddlers for Life charity was originated in 2007 and moving into the future. These sessions will take a gentle approach to cherishing and embracing our ‘natural passage’ through the years, both as individuals and as a group. To be inclusive of paddlers, partner or supportive friend.
  • Jane & Peter : Purchase of Outrigger Canoe 6. First choice of survivor members, 43 points.
  • Barbara : Purchase of pink and purple folding camp chairs for the new gazebo.
  • Liz : To enable the display of the quilt which Frances Bowers thoughtfully designed and lovingly, skillfully made for Paddlers for Life Windermere.
  • Jill  and Sue PJ: Purchase of ergometer – to demonstrate paddling technique and strength.
  • Pam : Purchase of new paddling equipment including adjustable length paddles and more comfortable buoyancy aids.
  • Ruth : To create an inclusive paddling adventure that would be open to all members to join in that would be a challenge and also a social event. It would be hoped that it could become and annual event for Paddlers for Life Windermere. Second choice of survivor members, 33 points.
  • Rowena : As a group, to create and publish a fully illustrated book, “The first twelve years of Paddlers for Life Windermere” (or similar). Third choice of survivor members, 23 points.

These proposals have now been voted on by survivor members.

Paddlers thanked Ruth and Pam who stood down after completing the maximum allowed three years as trustees. Irene and Judy also stood down. They were thanked by members with flowers and a dragon memento.

New trustees elected were Rowena  (Chair), Jill  (Secretary), Roz  (Health & Safety), Lyn (Treasurer), Sara  (Events) and Liz.

Members socialised over a Jacob’s Join lunch followed by a General Meeting during which members discussed winter training, events for 2020 and boat maintenance needed.

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