‘Pink Paddle’ 2020

Although we were not able to paddle or meet in ‘bubbles’ for this end of season flower ceremony paddlers were able to meet virtually via video conference.

June chose to mark the occasion by decorating a sculpture which is a local landmark at Bare near Morecambe and has special meaning and memories for her.

The sculpture, Love, The Most Beautiful Of Absolute Disasters, popularly known as Venus and Cupid is a sculpture by Shane A. Johnstone which stands on a slight promontory beside Morecambe Bay on the eastern approach to Morecambe and commemorates the 24 cockle-pickers who died in the bay in 2004.

The artist has links to Paddlers for Life Windermere and has paddled with us in the past. See here.

So, for breast cancer awareness month and celebration of Paddlers for Life and breast cancer paddlers everywhere this is how the sculpture looked today.













June, Mags, Karen, Louisa and Collette decorated the sculpture.

Here are memories of times we were able to paddle in pink.

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    October 26, 2020 (8:37 am)

    Shane the Artist did give PFL permission to decorate Venus and Cupid with Pink flowers in memory and tribute of our Traditional Flower Ceremony on our last Pink Paddle of the Year and in raising Awareness of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
    The tides were against us for a ceremony of casting our flowers on the water but meeting up face to face, wearing our masks and keeping social distance it was lovely to be together again and work as a team which is what PFL are so good at.
    Face to face contact is what people are really missing and long for with families and friends so today was not just in memory of those loved and lost but also because of Covid -19 and all the losses everyone is experiencing in their lives right now. For some it is so isolating and lonely and by decorating Venus and Cupid in Pink Flowers, Ribbon and even a hat for Cupid let’s hope we can raise a smile or someone’s spirit whilst they are walking along the promenade. If we do once again PFL Windermere will have reached out to others and made a difference.
    Shane has said “Well done, she looks beautiful “ Thanks to Mags, Karen, Louisa and Collette for coming out of your comfort zone and for artistic floral tributes.

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