Helping our Hawaiian Challenge: Information and Donate.

Helping with our challenge.

Our challenge goes live on the 1st. February, 2021. We are trying to raise £2500 to get our new outrigger canoe to Windermere and on the water with equipment, safety gear and livery. See hereand here.

The distance is 10,719 miles (17,251 km) to bring an OC6 to a new home.

Contribute any exercise miles or kilometers.

Encourage people to donate on our Hawaiian Challenge Crowdfunder page.


Note: There is a charge for donation card transactions of 1.9% + 23p (per pledge) + VAT on UK/EU cards so a £20 donation will cost £20.73p in total.

None UK/EU cards 3.25% + 25p (per pledge) + VAT on non-EEA cards so a £20 would cost £21.08 in total.

Please exercise safely and comply with pandemic measures.

We want ‘human powered’ miles from indoor or outdoor exercise to make up the distance.

  • Pet walking and family walks.
  • Daily exercise walks/jogs/runs/swims.
  • Daily steps converted to distance. (2000 steps equals approximately 1 mile.)
  • Indoor exercise on bike/rowing machine/treadmill etc. (Assumes 15 minutes of moderate exercise is 5 miles.)
  • Fell walking if compliant with pandemic measures.
  • Canoeing, kayaking or cycling.
  • Static exercise such as chair based exercise or strength exercise such as yoga, Tai Chi  and Pilates. (15 minutes is equivalent to 3 miles.)

We recognise that people have different capacity to exercise or leave the house. So any miles people feel able to contribute are very welcome as we know they reflect comparable effort and commitment.

Could you pledge 10p for every mile you do?

This is only a suggestion as we fully understand some people may have been extremely impacted economically by the prolonged pandemic measures.

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