Founder members.

A group of people who had the vision and drive to establish a breast cancer survivor (BCS) dragon boat team on Windermere.

Sue Cogley

Founder and Patron
Remembered with much love. Her drive and shared belief in the importance of breast cancer survivor dragon boat paddling made the team what it is. Sue inspired all who paddled with her.


Ensure the charity meets the focus of its charitable purpose and responsible for the day to day operation of the charity.

Judy Lewis, trustee.

Judy Lewis


Lynne Carter

Trustee (Treasurer)

Jen English

Trustee (Supporter)

Heather Park

Trustee (Secretary)

Julie Mason

Trustee (Acting Secretary)
For me, Padding is a very spiritual experience. I always go home with a full heart and optimism.


Promote the charity and give support to the trustees and members.

Nick Harrison

Proud to paddle with Paddlers for Life and support their activities.