Joining Paddlers for Life Windermere.

Who can join?

Anyone diagnosed with breast cancer or any other cancer is welcome to join Paddlers for Life. We also welcome family members and friends who have supported you during your diagnosis and treatment and also as you move forward after treatment.

Come and try paddling.

We would suggest that you come and join us to experience paddling in our splendid boats and get to know some regular paddlers. It is a good idea to contact us first using our email or the contact form at the bottom of this page. If you provide a phone number someone will ring you back to tell you about the team and answer any questions you may have.

Health advice prior to paddling.

If you decide you would like to  join us, we ask that new paddlers who have finished a cancer treatment meet with our health practitioner to discuss their readiness for exercise so they can be given specific advice tailored to their fitness levels after treatment and discuss any personal health questions in confidence.

We also ask all paddlers to fill in this disclaimer form prior to paddling.

If you decide you wish to paddle regularly we will ask you to pay a small annual membership fee of £30 and fill in this membership form.

Indemnity Declaration Statement (You can download and print this PDF file.)

Membership Form  (You can download and print this PDF file.)

Be Ready to Paddle Information Sheet (You can download and print this PDF file.)

Paddling FAQs