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Motivation from Louisa.


Support our Hawaiian Challenge


Helping our Hawaiian Challenge: Information and Donate.

Helping with our challenge. Our challenge goes live on the 1st. February, 2021. We are trying to raise £2500 to get our new outrigger canoe to Windermere and on the water with equipment, safety gear and livery. See here... and here. The distance is 10,719 miles (17,251 km) to bring an OC6 to a new home. Contr... More

Silverdale fundraising support.

Silverdale community's generosity. Normally, on this last Saturday in January, Paddlers for Life members would be meeting in Silverdale's Gaskell Hall for what has become an annual fund raiser for the team. The first coffee morning was in 2011.   Silverdale's Coffee Mornings are a community social event ... More

Outrigger canoe cancer paddling team Mana’olana.

Mana'olana means 'hope'. Mana'olana pink paddlers are the Hawaii based paddlers who provide similar support for cancer survivors and their supporters to those provided by breast cancer dragon boat teams. Sue and Peter paddled with them on their visits to Hawaii. It will be great to have our own outrigger canoe and a ... More

How an outrigger canoe will help paddlers.

Why an outrigger canoe for a dragon boat team? Getting our dragon boats on the water requires at least eight paddlers but ten, twelve or more make for a better paddling experience and the dragon boat can have as many as eighteen paddlers along with a helm who steers the boat and a drummer. Windermere can vary from dead ... More

Hawaii to Ambleside outrigger canoe challenge 2021 spreadsheet

Hawaii to Ambleside. Keep up to date with our Hawaiian Challenge Progress.  Make sure you add to the correct day and week. If you have problems with this page on your device follow this link to see the whole spreadsheet where you can add your data. More

Help get our outrigger canoe on Windermere.

Please support our Hawaiian challenge. Our target is £2500. £1000 for paddles, buoyancy aids and other safety equipment for six paddlers. £500 to repair our large trailer. £500 to drive to London, collect OC6 and return with escort support. Finally £500 for maintenance, cleaning and our charity livery and information ... More

Our Hawaiian challenge.

Are you ready for our Hawaiian challenge? Get ready for 1st. February Imagine you are in Hawaii. Hawaii is a beautiful place which Sue loved. She was one of our founder members and a driving force to establish our breast cancer dragon boat team on Windermere in 2008. It was her dream to have an outrigger canoe ... More

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking in Lancaster Paddlers for Life Windermere trustees have arranged a programme of activities for members during the off season months and pandemic measures. One of the activities is Nordic walking at two venues in Askham in N Lakes using Lowther Park and Lancaster using Williamson Park. They are organised ... More