Inspire Project visit Paddlers for Life.

Charles Allen, CBE, Chair of the London 2012 Nations and Regions Group and LOCOG Board Member, visited Paddlers for Life.

Olympic Inspire Project visit Paddlers for Life.

Olympic Inspire Project visit Paddlers for Life.

Other visitors included other Inspire board members and members from South Lakeland District Council.

Inspire project, Paddlers for Life, in Windermere, is part of the Northwest Inspire Programme,
offering the experience of paddling a Dragon Boat as a form of exercise to help recovery and survival for breast cancer survivors.

Paddlers for Life had two boats on the water on a perfect day helped by some NHS paddlers.

The visitors arrived on time for the warm-up and three of them changed to paddle a dragon boat.
They had a chance to practice paddling, rehearse race starts and then participated in two races all helmed by David and Tony.
It was a wonderful day for everyone and must have impressed our visitors.

Paddlers finished with a paddle up to Waterhead for a well-earned treat and Aly competently practised her helming skills on the way back.

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