Rain stops play! Well the wind actually!

Well we were warned the weather was looking marginal to paddle.
Rain forecast, winds from the west 20 mph and increasing in the afternoon, gusts to 43 mph.

Check the webcam, looking okay, weather station shows low wind speed and low gust speed.
A calm and largely rain free journey up from the south until Troutbeck when it starts raining!!

A few keen paddlers have arrived. It is raining and the windsock often swings to the horizontal.
The water sports centre is almost deserted as is Windermere.
Some waves have whitecaps. Peter will helm but we can’t quite muster the twelve paddlers needed.
Plan B re-group for coffee!

Two hours later the rain has stopped and the wind has calmed.
But most paddlers have gone home.
Oh the frustrations of the Windermere micro climate!!

Thanks Peter and Sue for making that long journey for a chance to paddle.
Thanks to all those other optimists who thought to try for a paddle against the odds.

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