Paddlers for Life ‘Paddle In Pink’ for breast cancer awareness.

Paddlers for Life, Windermere were keen to raise awareness of breast cancer survivor dragon boat paddling during breast cancer awareness month.

Paddlers held a 'Flowers on the water' ceremony remembering those no longer able to paddle with us.

We started our special day with a ‘Flowers on the water’ ceremony casting pink carnations onto Windermere while we reflected on family members and friends who can no longer share these great life moments with us.

Trustees and members put in a huge amount of work preparing for a ‘race’ day in which Paddlers for Life members from Windermere and Manchester along with friends, family members and supporters as well as supporters from Low Wood Hotel and Watersports Centre would participate in racing dragon boats at Low Wood Bay.

Unfortunately the weather was against us and the paddling had to be cancelled due to high winds making conditions very choppy and challenging for helms paddling with many novice paddlers in the boats.

However Paddlers for Life members are not easily diverted from their goal to publicise what they do and had a backup plan to enjoy singing and quizzes whilst enjoying ‘Paddle it Pink’ afternoon tea with cakes and drinks generously hosted at Low Wood Hotel.

Many ‘thank yous’ were earned and given.
The trustees planned and organised the event lead by Steph. Peter and Jane were ready to helm the races along with Chris and other helms. Roz had organised a race schedule. Barbara organised the wonderful decorating of the dragon heads, boats and venue. Mags and June arranged for the flowers.  And all of these tasks were supported by many other members. It was the usual wonderful Paddlers for Life team effort.
What a wonderful way to end our super sixth season.

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