Our OC6 is with us.

Welcome to our OC6 outrigger canoe.

Jill and Simon went down to London to collect our OC6 outrigger canoe from Great Britain Outrigger on Friday 23rd. April, 2021.

Here are our first pictures of the canoe ready to collect and then loaded onto the trailer.












The OC6 safely arrived at Low Wood water sports centre.















Thanks to everyone involved in sourcing and procuring the outrigger canoe and bringing it to its new home. We have had wonderful support from so many people.

Special thanks to Great Britain Outrigger who are supporting and training us through their GB Outrigger Va’a grant programme having helped us source the boat.

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    April 26, 2021 (7:31 pm)

    What a beautiful outrigger. Thank you to Jane and Peter for fulfilling and honouring Sue’s dream and to Nick for facilitating and organising our fund page and to everyone who did their bit in the 6 week challenge, you were amazing. It is not about being the fastest or doing the furthest, PFL is all about achieving what we can do individually and also as a Team together ……together we are Awesome.
    Thank you to everyone, we are going to have amazing adventures together with more memories made and to treasure.

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