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All Hands on Deck

All Hands on Deck. Paddlers come together to make sure boats and other equipment are clean, well maintained and ready for the new paddling season. Roz leads the proceedings. It is also an opportunity for newer members to learn how to 'dress' the boat ready for a paddling session and get other equipment ready. Members are ... More

First 2017 Paddle

First 2017 Paddle What a glorious and busy day for the first paddle of our tenth anniversary season. The weather was bright and sunny with Windermere looking calm and blue for the morning session. The newer paddlers got involved in dressing and launching Artemis Phyllis and Mary at Low Wood and following a ... More

Preparations for season nine.

Preparations for season nine.  Following the 'Down and Ready' day paddlers rebuilt the floating pontoon and readied the boats. It was an opportunity for newer paddlers to learn how to handle the boats alongside more experienced team members as well as 'dressing' the boats with drum, seat and steering paddle. More

Start of the 2015 paddling season.

Our paddling has started. After a cancelled paddling session due to strong winds and heavy rain the eighth season finally got off to a start. 19th. April, 2015       More

Two boats on the water for Easter

Paddlers for Life, Windermere Easter paddle saw two boats on the water. Helen and John were helms refreshing their skills under Peter's guidance. The crews, which included experienced and first time paddlers had to work hard at times against squally winds from the east. Afternoon paddling was cancelled as the wind ... More

Paddlers from Windermere and Manchester visit Worcester Busters.

Paddlers from Windermere and Manchester visit Worcester Busters. Most of the paddlers for this weekend of paddling are attending an IBCPC event, the International Participatory Festival in Sarasota, in Florida in October 2014. This was an opportunity for breast cancer survivors to paddle together with member... More

First paddle of the seventh season. 

Paddlers for Life, Windermere enjoyed their first paddle of the seventh season. Paddlers 'gently' got back into their paddling on a blustery, choppy Windermere. The helms refreshed their skills taking the dragon boats and teams through various manouvres, steering, turns, figures of eight and emergency stops.... More

Challenging April paddle.

Third Paddle. The weather is still making our season start challenging! Last week saw paddlers getting decidedly wet and today Roz battled the elements in the morning helming a full boat including some novice paddlers through some decidedly choppy conditions. In the afternoon conditions calmed a little. Peter helmed ... More

First Paddle of 2013.

 First Paddle. Paddlers for Life, Windermere finally got out for their first paddle of the sixth season. Cold water conditions had delayed our season start so paddlers were especially eager for this first session. It was wonderful to see so many paddlers turn up including some new members. 'Lucy at Low Wood' ... More

Mags makes further progress on the ‘Lancaster’ dragon head.

Mags makes further progress on the 'Lancaster' dragon head. Mags says... "Just thought I'd plough on with our head as I was lucky enough to come across some of the paper rope in a charity shop in Lancaster yesterday! I've used the 'paper rope' as detail on the head (& eyebrows) and fixed it using a glue gun, and I ... More