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June 16th. 2019 Paddle

While some paddlers were down in Liverpool paddling with other breast cancer paddlers at Pool of Life's Dragons and Flowers regatta there were still other members paddling on Windermere. June writes... We were in John’s capable hands as helm and 8 of us spread out in Artemis Phyllis to get the balance right. ... More

‘Eye dotting’ and supporters day 2019

'Dotting of the Eyes' 2019 A tradition of Chinese dragon boating is dotting the eyes of the dragon heads. Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival, is a traditional and important celebration in China and generally falls in early June. Paddlers for Life Windermere honour this event by dotting the eyes of the ... More

Paddling session to prepare for Florence.

We had a good turnout with John and Helen at the helm. It was a great morning paddle with two boats out and two new paddlers too. A fantastic team effort from the Florence crew practising race starts, lengthening the stroke........trying to take 2 inches off the back of the stroke and put it on the front really helped ... More

Health and Well-being Event, Kendal.

Mags and June promoted the activities of Paddlers for Life at a MacMillan Cancer health and wellbeing event in Kendal. More

Celebration! 20 years of breast cancer survivor dragon boat paddling.

Let's celebrate. Paddlers for Life Windermere took to the water on June 13th. participating in a celebration of 20 years of breast cancer survivor dragon boat paddling. They joined an international 'paddling party' celebrating this milestone. Abreast in a Boat in Canada were the first breast cancer dragon boat team ... More

Eye Dotting ceremony 2013

Eye Dotting ceremony 2013 It is traditional each year, on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month (usually June) for crews of paddlers to re-enact the frantic rush to save poet and courtier Qu Yuan, by powering long narrow boats with the ferocious heads of dragons mounted on the prow through the water, to the frenzied, ... More

Sue Cogley, Paddlers for Life Trustee, carries the Olympic Torch.

Sue is enjoying every minute.                     A much deserved honour! June nominated her in recognition for all her hard work in founding, establishing, organising and guiding Paddlers for Life Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat ... More

Fund raising Abseil down the face of Carlisle Civic Centre. Sunday 10th. June.

Sian, Judy and Steve did a wonderful job of planning and organising this event raising funds for Paddlers for Life.             Jo, Helen, Barbara, Judy, Nick, Louisa, Eunice, Fran, and Steve all took their turn along with many of Sian's student friends from her ... More

What an amazing experience our Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Pageant paddle was!

Well, we did it! Paddlers for Life in the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Pageant. What an amazing experience our Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Pageant paddle was! All 12.94 miles of it! This photo is from the Telegraph. June calls it 'Paddlers for Life Canaletto Moment!' Here ... More

The crew who will paddle in the Queen’s Jubilee Pageant Flotilla on the 3rd. June 2012 are raring to go.

Hard training and preparation by all Paddlers for Life members has been undertaken over the early months of 2012. Tony and Paul have helmed paddlers who have trained in beautiful, additional evening sessions. Peter and Jane have provided their usual high standard of helming and coaching in regular Sunday paddling along ... More