Usually we would be paddling in April!

April paddling in previous seasons.

Here is a taster of past paddling sessions from April over all the years we have been paddling.

April 16, 2011News,

2011 season first paddle.

Lots of eager paddlers turned up to start our paddling season. The heads and tails had been spruced up with a lick of paint and Barbara had re-dressed the heads in her inimitable style. They looked wonderful! So on a fresh and breezy...

Fantastic Jubilee Flotilla workout.
April 15, 2012News,

A fantastic flotilla workout!

A fantastic flotilla workout! What a fabulous day of paddling. Both Artemis and Lucy went on an extended journey across Windermere as paddlers trained for the Jubilee Pageant. We took a similar route to wednesday’s paddle but...

In 2011 paddlers created a set of postcards with a haiku poem created by paddlers in writing workshops to accompany them.

This is April.

Daffodils trumpet excitement,
Our space, our life, our season,
Laughter heals again.



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