Nordic Walking

Nordic walking in Lancaster

Paddlers for Life Windermere trustees have arranged a programme of activities for members during the off season months and pandemic measures.

One of the activities is Nordic walking at two venues in Askham in N Lakes using Lowther Park and Lancaster using Williamson Park. They are organised by Barbara and June alongside two Nordic walking instructors.

June writes about the introductory induction in Lancaster on Sunday.

We had two great back to back induction walks with Helen Dixon Nordic Instructor and Yoga teacher who has over 20 years of teaching different methods of yoga under her belt.

Helen explained the History of walking with poles and how it reduces effort and impact on hip and knee joints we did stretches to start and on finishing which eased out those muscles.

The weather was kind to us and the rain held off. We learned how to adjust poles individually, placement of paws, shark quick release hand grips and of course the Nordic technique which seems a bit strange at first. But once you get into rhythm it becomes more natural (a bit like paddling) the walk was up and down the park learning how to approach and go up and down hills, technique for speed and having fun overtaking each other in the first group by increasing speed and numbering off (a bit like in the boat).  The exercise uses 90% of your muscles groups which is impressive and there were some very warm moments of taking jackets off etc again similarities on and off the water along with what and what not to wear in or out of the boat .

We finished in a small bubble having brought our own chairs, flasks and we had Cake !!
Everyone was given a Takeaway bag of flapjack and ginger & date cake along with PfLW bookmark, PfLW leaflet and a CancerCare Knocker Jotter hopefully to encourage writing during lock down and everyone just wished that they could continue with Nordic Walking. However, due to the imminent lock down, social walks with others are banned until December at the earliest.



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