Ākala Susie naming ceremony.

Our V6 outrigger canoe is named.

The V6 outrigger is named ‘Ākala Susie’ in fond remembrance of one of our team’s founders, Sue Cogley.

Ākala Susie also got her first outing of 2022 over two paddling sessions.

Paddlers for Life members, experienced and newer, gathered for the ceremony.

It was a damp and misty day on Windermere but paddlers did not let this diminish their enthusiasm.

Some additional photos from June.

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    May 3, 2022 (1:24 pm)

    It was a lovely day despite the very wet weather for those both on and off the water lovely to think about our lovely Sue and many happy memories shared of paddling together over the past 15 years she would of been very proud and shouting a big Woo Hoo !,!
    Great to have patrons Louisa on the drum of Artemis Phyllis and also Eve paddling with us all too.
    Thank you to Peter ,Jane ,Laura and Tom for providing the fizz for the naming ceremony great to see the Cogley’s all there together once more.
    Great to meet up with newbies and share our PFL Windermere story too we have such great history together.
    Paddles up everyone xxx

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