‘Eye-dotting’ ceremony 2022.

We awaken our dragons with a traditional ceremony.

It was wonderful to be able to get together in person again for an ‘eye-dotting’ ceremony.

Paddlers for Life members participate in the ‘eye dotting’ ceremony.

Louisa led the ceremony with help from Irene who told the story of the poet Qu Yuan and the origins of the ceremony. Ruth told us of the qualities associated with dragons in Chinese tradition, and Ali burnt ‘Hell money’. Supporters Howard, Simon and Michael Kay, Director of Operations, English Lakes Hotels Group dotted the dragon’s eyes. Our boats are hosted at Low Wood Water Sports Centre and we get great support from the hotel and water sports centre staff. Purple ribbons decorated the dragon’s horns and Union Flag ribbons were added to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee as we recalled our Diamond Jubilee Pageant paddle on the Thames in 2012.

Rice was cast on the water as part of the tradition (To keep the fishes away from the body of Qu Yuan.)

Rice or buckwheat is thrown for luck

Paddlers took to the boats to strike the waters, ‘Awake, awake, awake!’ seeking protection from the dragon spirits.

Following a paddling session members met for a ‘Jacob’s Join’ to thank supporter members for the tasks they do in support of the team.

What a great way to remember the origins of our dragon boat paddling and celebrate the involvement of so many people that has brought us to our fifteenth paddling season.

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