South Lakes paddlers walk.

A group of paddlers got together for a six mile walk in the South Lakes near Kendal.

We were lucky to have dry and mild conditions with the sun trying to break through high cloud.

We gathered at Sizergh to walk through their park and then through Brigsteer Woods eventually up onto Scout Scar before returning through the park to Sizergh.

Then a diversion to find an ancient Yew Tree.

Could it be 1550 years old as the National Trust suggest?
Eleven paddler spans in circumference… 40 feet… the Common Yew with stem circumference of 480 inch is approximately 1,708 years old according to online calculator.

Maybe we need to go back and measure it more accurately.

Thank you everyone for your good company.

Look out for details of the next walk early in the New Year, 2023.

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